Zack Martin has been a professional musician for nearly 20 years. Zack’s notable documentary scoring work includes the celebrated feature The Way We Get By, for which he composed all music. As a musician, he’s best known for being the driving force behind the band Carrigan, which has a large following around New England, especially in the Boston area. In 2006, Carrigan released its second album Young Men Never Die on Boston’s Radar Recordings. Zack has previously performed at Austin’s SXSW music festival, and toured with bands including Muncy Indiana’s BRAZIL, Drowningman, and The Cancer Conspiracy. Recent gigs as a guitarist have included work with the band WANNA, which recently opened for Echo and the Bunnymen at Webster Hall in New York. His studies have included percussion and guitar in jazz, rock and experimental music. Zack’s rock- and punk-infused tracks amp up the youthful energy in Follow the Leader and mirror the main characters’ passion for and sense of wonder toward politics. Carrigan’s music can be found on iTunes.