Civic Educational Tech Product (in development)

We’re building an innovative educational tool that will enhance the use of films in the classroom. It is currently in development at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, where Changeworx’s founder Jonathan Goodman Levitt is currently a Tow-Knight Fellow in the Entrepreneurial Journalism Program.

Based on Changeworx’s “Reality Check” live performance format, our digital product will use data students create to support educators’ efforts in helping them understand each others’ attitudes and perspectives. Whether our product is eventually called a civic educational tool, platform, app, or other serviceit’s goal is to enable more honest, constructive, and diverse dialogue.

Our work was announced recently through a piece on Medium within the Journalism Innovation publication.

If you are or represent a potential partner or potential client, or if you’d like to share any feedback or advice about our venture, please visit Changeworx’s contact page, or email Jonathan directly at jgl[at]