Screening films in educational settings (or outside the home): Public Performance Rights

Do I need to have Public Performance Rights (PPR)?

Yes, if you are planning to screen a film outside of your own home. PPR is the standard requirement for screening a film for educational use. Fortunately, all institutional DVDs sold on this website for institutional purchase include PPR (DVDs sold for home/personal use do not). Please note that films sold by video stores or digitally for streaming or download to consumers do not include PPR, and are licensed for personal home use only; in other words, using a version of one of our films purchased in that way for an educational screening or other public performance is illegal. Our films are protected by U.S. copyright law and should not be used for public performance without PPR, unless there is an explicit agreement in writing from Changeworx (or another rights holder where applicable).

What does PPR include?

PPR includes the right to screen the film purchased in public via a DVD player, Blu-ray player, or computer for a non-paying audience located in the same location. Typical venues where films can be screened are classrooms, community centers, libraries, temples, churches, and non-profit/corporate settings. PPR includes right to have an unlimited number of screenings on this basis at the same location, for the life of the DVD or other media purchased. Institutional purchasers such as libraries and colleges may also include the purchased DVD or other media in their free collections for rental or viewing by students or other members.

What doesn’t PPR include?

PPR does not include the right to broadcast, copy, edit, digitize, or otherwise distribute the film or any part of it in any way. PPR does not include the right to use the film for a fundraiser, or to perform it in a traditional theatrical setting. PPR does not include the right to give the DVD to another organization or anyone else to screen the film, or to lease or rent the film to another person or entity. PPR does not include any other rights other than as specified above without agreement in writing, as indicated.

When does PPR transfer to the client or customer?

PPR are transferred as soon as the DVD is received, provided that all costs billed or invoiced have also been paid by that time.

Why does PPR cost so much more than buying a standard consumer DVD?

PPR are typically sold to educational institutions such as colleges that will use a given DVD for many years in various settings, which involves viewing by hundreds or thousands of people over the life of the DVD. The rate per viewing therefore becomes small relative to other forms of distribution. Prices for institutional copies that include PPR are relatively standard and similar across the industry, and for films like ours they can represent a significant portion of overall post-completion revenue. In this way, all purchases support the continuing creation of films in what is a difficult environment financially for making thoughtful documentary work.

What if I want to charge admission, use the film for a fundraiser, or rent the DVD?

These options are not included with PPR, but we can certainly discuss meeting your needs by individual arrangement. Please complete our Contact Changeworx form to ask questions or explain your needs.